Are you a Funnel Jedi?
Get your Funnel Jedi Backpack & Baseball cap!
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No Funnel Jedi's wardrobe is complete with out a Funnel Jedi Check-point friendly Computer Backpack and a Funnel Jedi Baseball cap.

Get yours.  We'll cover the shipping!
The Funnel Jedi Backpack has:

This IS the backpack you're looking for

You'll be the envy of everyone at the next Funnel Hacking Live event when they see you walking around with one of these.

Lots of compartments to store things, like, rebel plans

Every Funnel Jedi needs space for bottles of water, pens, light sabres and rebel plans, right?

Never have to take your laptop out for stormtroopers, I mean airport X-ray, again.

Just open the airport approved laptop flippy-flappy openny thing, without actually taking out your laptop.  Watch the other passengers gaze at your Jedi skills as you glide through security like you're moving through the MATRIX.
The Funnel Jedi Baseball cap:

....protects your mind from other people using their powers on you 

It's a basically AWESOME.  One size fits most.  I mean if you have a MASSIVE head, it might not quite stay on.
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Brought to you by
Brought to you by
Copyright 2017+ Jason Economides Funnel Jedi All Rights Reserved